The transport ship of the Argentine Navy ARA ?? Beagle Channel ?? On the way to Ushuaia-Noticias

The ARA ?? Beagle Channel ?? Under the command of Lieutenant Ulises Gastón Hoyos, he sailed from the north dock of the port of Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, where he will take part in logistics operations with the icebreaker ARA Almirante Irízar, which was deployed in the 2020 Antarctic summer campaign. 21.

In compliance with the protocols and measures to avoid infection with the COVID-19 virus, the ship set sail to transport frozen food, field kitchens, fuel tanks and other general cargo, which it hands over to the icebreaker in order to meet the supply of the Antarctic bases. Recall that the ship suffered several breakdowns due to a fire in the marine workshops of the Tandanor shipyard, where it was undergoing a major overhaul. After minor repairs, the ship sets off on a new mission.

Photography: ARA ?? Beagle Channel ?? (Photos Armada Argentina)

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