The TOPGUN pilot watch series wins a new fighter-resistant model

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Jim Di Matteo, retired captain of the US Navy – Picture: IWC Schaffhausen

IWC Schaffhausen announces that its PILOT TOP GUN watch collection has been expanded to include a new model that suits these pilots and their piloted fighter jets.

The TOP GUN Chronograph “SFTI” was inspired by the “Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor” model, which was developed in 2018 in honor of the United States Naval Aviation Community and until then was only available to TOPGUN graduates.

In a combination of a black ceramic case with a case on the back and Ceratanium® buttons, the sports chronograph has a tactical design code in matt black.

Pilot’s watch Chronograph TOP GUN Edition “SFTI” is limited to 1500 pieces and follows the tradition of IWC TOP GUN watches, which are made from very robust materials to withstand the extreme stresses that pilots in the cockpit of supersonic jets like the F / A are exposed to -18 Super Hornet.

Image: IWC Schaffhausen

The large 44 mm case is made of black zirconium oxide ceramic, which is one of the hardest substances on the planet. It is extremely scratch-resistant and its black color is absolutely anti-reflective.

The manufacturer in Schaffhausen has been developing models from the “Pilot” line for almost 80 years, which is one of the most popular internationally. The recommended price for the new watch is between 9 and 10 thousand euros.

Elite school

The program of the Navy Fighter Weapons School, also known as TOPGUN, in which the US Navy trains its best pilots, is a classic success story

Since it was founded in 1969, he has taught the best naval aviators in the United States to become even better pilots and, above all, excellent instructors.

In response to the performance in the Vietnam War, the US Navy leadership decided to develop a new tactical doctrine for aerial combat. The program was established on March 3, 1969 at the old Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego, California.

Four F-4 Phantom crews received training every two months and returned to their units after completing the course to share what they had learned. This concept proved so useful that it still exists today.

In 1996, the TOPGUN program was incorporated into the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (NSAWC) at Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada, which was later renamed the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center (NAWDC).

Currently, about three to four classes lasting twelve weeks are held annually as part of the TOPGUN program. The course is designed to train experienced pilots and flight crews. It covers all aspects of aerial combat, including basic tactics and techniques.

One air element is air-to-air combat training, in which new students fly against already qualified TOPGUN instructors.

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