The templates of the Commander in Chief of the Spanish Armed Forces -Noticias have been updated

The Council of Ministers has adopted a new royal decree on the legal staff of officers general, officers and non-commissioned officers of the Spanish armed forces for the financial year 2021-2025. It is determined that in this four-year period the number of troops will be at the end of the same 21,384, divided between 160 officers general, 7,724 officers and 13,500 non-commissioned officers.

According to the advice of the Council of Ministers, these figures do not include the first two jobs in career military (captain and lieutenant in the officer category and first sergeant and sergeant in the non-commissioned officer category), the troops of which will be those that will emerge from the provisions positions and application of the system of promotion to seniority as established by the Military Careers Act.

The current templates provided for in Royal Decree 283/2017 will remain in force until June 30 of this year. Therefore, this Royal Decree, which sets out the templates for the period 2021-2025, needs to be approved and they are in force from July 1st, 2021 to June 30th, 2025.

The Law on Military Careers of November 19, 2007 gives the Council of Ministers responsibility for establishing the legal staff of officers general, officers and NCOs of the armed forces.

Photo: Visit of the Defense Minister to the headquarters of the High Availability Country in Btera (Valencia) to inquire about the work of the unit during the Balmis Operation and the Baluarte Mission (Army).

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