The TEDAE Space companies are focused on the identification of tractor projects to modernize the Spanish industrial notes

The space companies of TEDAE (Spanish Association of Defense, Security, Aerospace and Aerospace Technologies) want to actively participate in the economic and social recovery of Spain and have therefore entrusted a significant number of expressions of interest from large strategic projects carried out under the tractor project launched by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism to promote industrial competitiveness and industrial sustainability should be taken into account.

The Spanish space sector is thus showing its interest in participating in the modernization process of Spanish industry, which is envisaged as part of the rehabilitation, transformation and resilience plan supported by the EU’s Next Generation Fund, in order to counter the economic and social consequences of the pandemic.

The proposals put forward by the TEDAE space companies include collaborative projects with the ability to transform sectors, meet the requirements of involving the whole value chain and different entities, and are highly innovative and offer R&D at the highest level. They will also increase productivity, employment and territorial cohesion without forgetting the goals of digitization, eliminating the digital divide and environmental sustainability, which have been set as priorities by the European Commission. Universities and scientific institutes from different autonomous communities participate in them.

Their technological content is diverse, but at the same time they offer benefits for society and the economy as a whole and improve the competitiveness of the Spanish industrial sector. An industrial fabric of a strategic nature due to its transversality with other economic sectors such as transport, agriculture, defense and security, environment or communication.

These proposals present several types of challenges. From a new generation of secure satellite communication and quantum technology to radar and optical earth observation systems, launch vehicles, microsatellites and constellations of the new generation to the comprehensive transformation and digitization of the value chain of the space industry, which enables our industries to be more sustainable and competitive. The projects encompass both the new generations of systems that are currently in operation, including new developments that will accelerate with these driving actions, as well as disruptive technologies and concepts that could be classified in the so-called Newspace.

Some of the projects are related to major European initiatives where it is imperative that Spain be present. Others respond to the need to provide essential services to society or to develop cutting edge technologies for the future. They all have an impact on the necessary training of our industry in the areas of technology that will enable our country to improve its technological sovereignty while contributing to national and European goals.

Spain has a spatial industrial fabric that is at the forefront of technology and economy and is dedicated to the generation of knowledge. In this context, the space industry is a strategic and indispensable sector for everyday life, as it has shown in times of the pandemic, putting its technological skills at the service of society, government and institutions in order to face Covid-19.

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