The system that allows the ships of the Spanish Navy to improve the detection of stealth capabilities

As a result of a process sponsored by the Navy and the General Directorate of Armaments and Materials (DGAM), a system was developed and maintained with which precise measurements of the stealth properties of various types known as stealth was addressed. of marine platforms.

In order to know the infrared and radar signatures of the ships, an aspect that has recently become particularly relevant along with details of the magnetic, optical or acoustic signature, one must act consistently and effectively. For this reason, we have developed two systems that enable precise measurements in our own naval units – also in third countries – and thus determine the possibilities that third parties have to detect them, which facilitates the development of tactical self-defense measures to avoid these threat hypotheses.

The DIAR (High Resolution Instrumental Demonstrator) and DIFI (Infrared Signature Instrumental Demonstrator) devices were developed in cooperation with the Antenna Group of the University of Vigo. They have been developed and are already in operation for their operation at the Center for Electromagnetic Measurements (CEMEDEM), where they recently covered their first year of warranty. As can be seen in the pictures on these pages, these are highly mobile devices with which you can drive in small and discreet vehicles to the points where the programmed measuring processes must be carried out. The systems can be disassembled to locate them at a particular point, or simply brought to the area where their use can be critical.

DIAR is a system that measures aspects related to the radar signature in real time, e.g. B. the radar equivalent section or the profiles with high longitudinal resolution of sea, land or air targets, regardless of whether they are employees or not. It is a state-of-the-art system that can also record SAR / ISAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar / Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar) images. The system covers the C, X, and Ku bands and can transmit both continuous and pulsed properties that allow it to measure and characterize from a large ship to the small periscope of a submarine. It can be used to evaluate Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) treatments or to study the effectiveness of chaff and countermeasures.

DIFI, in turn, is a device for obtaining the infrared signature of a given target under known environmental conditions, which makes it easier to characterize its infrared spectrum. What it measures using a commercial device architecture – just like DIAR – are its hottest spots. It enables measurements in the MWIR (medium-wavelength infrared) and LWIR (long-wavelength infrared) bands, which enables specific details of the various temperature ranges to be recorded and a specific IR signature to be recognized at a distance of up to 8 kilometers.

Octavio Dec Cmara

Photography: the DIFI equipment is installed in a discreet vehicle so it can be taken to the point where it is to be used (MINISDEF).

The Navy has received the DIFI and DIAR equipment, which extends its measurement capabilities through radar and infrared signatures. (MINISDEF)

The accurate measurement of certain signatures may require the objects to go through a number of specific developments. (MINISDEF)

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