The Super Puma helicopters will be used again in Bolivia-Noticias

Lic.Marcela V. Carol, April 12, 2021

Vice Minister for Social Defense and Controlled Substances, Jaime Mamani, reported that the six Sper Puma helicopters will be put into operation in the coming months to step up the fight against drug trafficking in the country.

Mamani stated: Of the six aircraft in existence, we only have two helicopters so far, which are of the utmost importance for the ban and operations to get troops to the scene of the events. For the next few months all aircraft will be operational, in addition to adding more equipment for the FELCN and upgrading their weapons, Mamani also said: When he took office, it was evident that none of the vehicles were in use, nor helicopters, the acquired during the administration of President Evo Morales were in operation; Likewise, the Special Unit to Combat Drug Trafficking (FELCN) did not have the tools to carry out its work.

The Vice Minister reiterated: In order to fight an efficient fight, we need equipment, logistics material, and at the beginning we came across them. The de facto government not only destroyed the country’s economy, it also destroyed its institutions. (License Marcela V. Carol)

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