The Spanish TSD has supplied the Mauritanian army with its shelter ISTAR surveillance and reconnaissance solution-Noticias

The Mauritanian army operates the ISTAR shelter of the company Technology & Security Developments (TSD), an ISTAR solution (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance / intelligence services, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance), which is based on a Mercedes Zetros truck a platform to transport it. ISTAR is a MULTI INT solution that can use image, SIGNIT and sensor tracking information and offer strategic and tactical advantages.

The Shelter ISTAR system works under the Air Operations Center of the General Staff of the Mauritanian Air Force, which is responsible for planning and managing crises, implementing operational decisions and coordinating with the various operations centers of the Mauritanian army. The system was seen during a military parade by the Mauritanian Army to commemorate the 60th anniversary of National Independence Day.

The ISTAR shelter solution consists of SATCOM and a LOS antenna (Line-of-Sight), which enables data transmission between the mobile ground station and the ISR reconnaissance aircraft with a range of 200 km and forwards the images to combat units on land Range of 50 km. The station is equipped with encrypted communication devices from L3Harris Technologies, which enable the secure transmission of sound, images and data between devices.

The Mauritanian Air Force operates two Cessna 208 Grand Caravan ISR aircraft and is in talks on a BT-67 aircraft in ISR configuration from the US, as the two Cessna are the only aircraft in the Mauritanian Army to date that allow them to continue through intelligence – Have surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities (ISR) to ensure the protection of its land and sea borders from the intrusion of terrorist or pirate elements. (Mohammed Halimi)

Photo: TSD ISTAR Shelter operated by the Mauritanian Army.

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