The Spanish patrol boat BAM ?? Audaz ?? ?? Shooting Guard ?? the destroyer of the Russian Navy? Vitse Admiral Kulakov? in the Strait of Gibraltar news

A fleet of Russian naval vessels crossed the Strait of Gibraltar on the afternoon of November 8, left the Mediterranean and entered the Atlantic under the watchful eye of the BAM (Maritime Action Ship) of the Spanish Navy? Audaz? (P-45).

The Russian naval formation consisted of the destroyer “Vitse Admiral Kulakov”. the class? Udaloy? or Project 11551, the modern tanker ?? Akademik Pashin ?? the first of the six considered by Project 23130 and a veteran Pamir class tug? or Project 2030. All of them have been active in the Mediterranean for the past few months and most likely sailed on their way to the Severomorsk naval base, the main base of the Northern Fleet to which the ?? Vitse Admiral Kulakov ??.

This movement of Russian ships is being followed by a NATO procedure. In this case, the passage was monitored by Spain, one of the missions under the responsibility of the Defense Staff (EMAD). On October 9, a similar mission was carried out by the Navy patrol boat “Serviola”. (P-71), transformed into the ?? Shadow ?? a Russian conventional submarine of Project 877 or ?? Kilos ?? according to NATO on the way through the street, accompanied by the tug “Captain Gurev”.

In 2019, naval units, always on behalf of EMAD, monitored the passage of the large cruiser “Marshal Ustinov”. (055), before, in October 2016, was the same done as the aircraft carrier? Admiral Kuznetsov? (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: The Russian destroyer? Vitse Admiral Kulakov ?? (626). (Photo Brian Burnell)

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