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The main weapons systems programs sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Defense are the cornerstone for enhancing the military capabilities of the three armies. Other programs that are also important and of particular relevance to maintaining the technological potential needed to address current and future threats also deserve general attention. The necessary steps have been taken to improve the capabilities of the minehunter fleet based on Cartagena.

Among the improvements that need to be made to them is the replacement of the Integrated Platform Control System (SICP) with a new concept, a necessary modernization program in order for the six Segura-type ships to be delivered between 1999 and 2005. For one, the M-34 Turia suffered an accident in 2019 that will require 25 million euros to repair its hull and equipment over the next two years – they can continue to operate at least until the end of the next decade. .

The approach we are using on a project that has been rated as ambitious from official sources includes a number of changes that were already confirmed in the final tests in mid-July. A new SICP is to be set up for the six mine hunters, based on a renovation of the computer equipment, the replacement of consoles such as the bridge and substations, the modification of network elements and changes in various junction boxes. or adding more powerful programs or software. The latter would include the COMPLEX 2.0 (Extensible Platform Control and Monitoring) and SIMPLEX (Extensible Platform Simulation) platforms developed by Navantia.

From what it turns out, since last September the new hardware and software elements have been assembled in the M-33 tambre, utilizing a planned immobilization period (PIP) in advance, which has a duration of five months. In parallel with the new SICP, other improvements were proposed, such as the renewal of the console in the Minehunter Training System (SACAZ) or the update of the specific training module at the Antonio Escao School. Work is also planned to begin to facilitate the training of system operators and maintainers, an integrated SICP simulator system and the commissioning of a ground surveillance center that will increase the safety of the platform during operation. Port. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: The upgrade currently in progress must affect all Spanish minehunters, all six of the Segura type. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

The technological solution to modernize the SICP of the mine hunters of the Spanish Navy is innovative and efficient. It was developed by Navantia. (Navantia)

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