The Spanish Navy has found the Piper Seneca of the Aeroclub de Reus in waters near the Ebro Delta-Noticias

The Spanish naval ships Sella and Neptuno located the remains of the aircraft, which disappeared on Tuesday 3rd November, using an unmanned underwater vehicle (ROV). Both ships left their base in Cartagena on Friday November 6th to take part in the search for the Piper Seneca aircraft in the Reus Aeroclub fleet, which had two pilots aged 42 and 35, one of them Mosso d’esquadra out of order.

The ships began the search at the last known position prior to the incident and passed their sonar passes to obtain a high-resolution image of the seabed. After identifying an object that might correspond to the aircraft, they zoomed in on that object with the Navajo unmanned underwater vehicle and videotaped it. The images of the accident, which was about 110 meters deep, showed the EC-HCA side marker, which could confirm that it was the fuselage of the destroyed aircraft.

Source and photo: Spanish Navy.

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