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Recently, the corvette building program for the Royal Saud Navy brought several news regarding the training of its future crews. If we recently announced the arrival of the first Saudi seafarers in Spain, we now add the inauguration of the training center prepared by Navantia in San Fernando, the Navantia Training Center (NTC) and the start of training by the Navy. Spanish.

In relation to this latest milestone, the Spanish naval fleet headquarters recently reported the presentation and the start of courses for the first crew of the Saudi naval program. In particular, on the morning of May 3, the meeting hall of the Combat Evaluation and Certification Center (CEVACO) of the Rota Naval Base hosted the award ceremony for the courses held by the Navy. Spanish will supply the crew with the first of the five corvettes that Navantia is building in the Bay of Cdiz for the Royal Navy Saud (MRS).

The event was chaired by the Commander of CEVACO, Captain of Navo Juan Mara Ibez Martin, and attended by the Captain of the Royal Navy Saud, Abdullah S. Alshehri. Fernando Lpez Herrera from Navantia, director of the training program of the MRS and the CC.Ns of Manuel Caridad, who leads the courses in Rota, and Jos Ochoa, coordinator of the program.

This law marks the beginning of the support offered by the Navy to the Sauds corvette program “Avante 2200” with a duration of two years, during which the crews of the five corvettes in Ferrol and Rota are instructed and trained, with a total of around 500 employees.

This program was designed entirely by the Spanish Navy and has the approval of the Royal Navy Saud. In the facilities of the Fleet Instruction and Training Center courses in advanced tactics are held for 50 students, all officers and NCOs for operations and weapons.

For the Royal Saud Navy, instruction and operational training of ships is an essential element of the program, and the success of its development will be a key argument for Navantia to choose new contracts in the future.

The traditional link between the Spanish navy and the military naval industry has, over the past few decades, allowed it to position itself among the most competitive in the world in terms of the design and manufacture of warships and the technological development of maritime systems, with the economic benefits that come with it produced for the marine industry itself and the auxiliary industry.

In the special case of the Naval Saud program, the Navy monitors the construction of the five corvettes as part of the specific cooperation agreement between the defense ministries of both nations and takes on the training and operational training of future ship crews.

This relationship enables a strategic industry to advance and improve by promoting research and development, creating teams of engineers and specialist jobs, and providing the skills necessary to accomplish its mission.

All naval shipbuilding programs are developed by the national industry. The importance of the cooperation between the Navy and Navantia is evidenced by the significant returns on national gross domestic product (GDP) obtained through contracts of national industry with third countries, estimated at no less than 60% of investments. in shipbuilding. It is estimated that the construction of the five Sauds corvettes has created a total of 6,000 jobs, 1,200 of them directly, 1,800 in auxiliary companies and 3,000 in other suppliers.

The Navy also supports the naval programs developed by Spanish companies for other countries. Navantia has had his support and collaboration in the contracts signed with Australia, Norway, Chile, Malaysia, Venezuela, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Photography: Presentation and start of training for Saudi crews (ORP Armada)

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