The Spanish National Police will integrate the DNI into the mobile phone to create a digital identification document.

Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska announced this Wednesday that the national police, the authority responsible for issuing the national identity card (DNI), are already working on the next technological development of this card for its integration into mobile phones. , a project to create the digital identity document.

The announcement was made during the presentation of the book El DNI y los espaoles. 75 years of shared history in the National Currency and Postage Stamp Factory (FNMT), during which he was accompanied by the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Prez; the Undersecretary of State of the Treasury, Pilar Paneque; the Director General of Police, Francisco Pardo; and the director of the FNMT, Lidia Snchez Miln.

We live in a society with a high level of technological development in which the mobile phone is no longer a simple means of telecommunications but has become a tool with which the citizen manages most of his or her vital processes. Our project of converting smartphones into digital identity support enables citizens to prove their membership data, address, handwritten signature and validity of the DNI, emphasized Grande-Marlaska.

The DNI 4.0 project will culminate an evolutionary strategy promoted by the Police Directorate-General in collaboration with the FNMT to strengthen it against cybercrime, be safer for telematics trafficking and be more agile in managing relations with public administrations and with private organizations, because we are aware that the DNI is undoubtedly the cornerstone of all electronic administration, the Minister of the Interior has pointed out.

New projects

The book El DNI y los espaoles. 75 Years of Shared History is the most complete and specific work on the subject as it covers all of history. The work, which includes texts by numerous authors, was coordinated by Professor Mara Dolores Herrero Fernndez-Quesada, who is also the curator of the exhibition, which has toured various Spanish cities with the same title and object and has already received more than 26,000 visits. .

A total of 328,407,151 documents have been created since the national police began to issue the DNI. It was in 2018 when the best expedition mark of a year was achieved with a total of 7,105,377 units. Currently, the National Police dedicates 289 documentation units, distributed throughout the national geography, to this task, consisting of a total of 2,161 people, spread over 1,582 fixed dispatch points and 80 mobile teams, which bring the service closer to empty and remote Spain. of cities, at the same time that they serve people with limited mobility.

The national police are already working on a uniform model of residence permits within the European Union and on the creation of new documentation units. the expansion of the update items of DNIe, DNI Exprs and DNIe UE; improving the activity of mobile teams; Payment via POS terminals (POS); updating the shipping application and finally installing wait managers.

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