The Spanish military stationed in Latvia is participating in the Alertex exercise of Operation Enhanced Forward Presence-Noticias

The Spanish military, integrated into the “Wolverine” tactical group in “Operation Enhanced Forward Presence” (eFP) under the operational control of the Operations Command, conducted the “ALERTEX” exercise to check whether it was able to Responding to aggression from which Latvia may suffer is beyond the scope of the NATO operation.

This type of exercise is designed to conduct coordinated military action that enables an invading force to be deterred from attacking Latvia or any other type of action that involves violating their territory. The aim of this exercise is in particular to check the effectiveness of the warning system and the ability to react immediately to the multinational tactical group that NATO is making available to the Latvian Mechanized Brigade (MKBDE).

The various units of the eFP Battle Group have put in place procedures that provide a gradual and staggered response to any threat looming over Latvia. In this scenario, one moves from a calm situation to an alert state in which the units, both the Latvian and the tactical group, can react decisively to the threat. In order to check the validity of this type of exercise, the availability of the units, their interoperability and, above all, the effectiveness of all activities related to the combat and protective function are analyzed at all stages of the exercise.

Spain is contributing to the mission with around 300 employees and resources such as the “Leopardo 2 E” battle tanks and the “Pizarro” (VCI) infantry combat vehicles. This is the first time our nation has used these types of skills on a mission abroad. In addition, other mechanized means are also provided, such as the M-113 tracked armored transport (TOA), heavy mortars, Sapper combat vehicles (VCZ) and ‘Spike’ anti-tank missiles. In January the ‘Aragn’ Brigade I dismissed the ‘Guadarrama’ Brigade XII after six months in Latvia. The new contingent is the eighth rotation of the reinforced Advanced Presence mission and is under the command of Lt. Col. Luis Mara Galvache Rodríguez.

Text and photo source: Defense Staff.

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