The Spanish government approves the sale of 2 C-130H Hercules to Peru and two more to Uruguay

The Council of Ministers yesterday approved the sale of four C-130H Hercules aircraft to the Spanish Defense Minister for the Spanish Air Force, two of which are for 22 million euros for the Eastern Republic of Uruguay and the other two for the Republic of Peru for 25 million. In addition to the aircraft, the two sales include a spare parts package.

As we analyzed exclusively in September, the agreement provides for two Lockheed KC-130Hs for the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) and two more for the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU), on the condition of where they are and how they are (as they are) and where they are)). This would mean that the planned disposal of the Hercules fleet, which consists of 10 units, would be incompletely completed: 4 C-130H, 5 KC-130H with the capacity to refuel other aircraft in flight, and 1 C-130H-30. This is the long version of this model.

In the case of Peru, aircraft were required due to the need for transportation due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Peru, with the government making a swift deployment to supplement its operational fleet of 2 L-100-20, Peru’s civilian variant. Hercules. The value of the operation reaches 25 million euros including spare parts.

For its part, Uruguay joined the process after starting negotiations on its Foreign Ministry and embassy in Madrid. FAU currently has two old C-130Bs that have been improved over the years, e.g. B. on the engines until they become a kind of hybrid with the C-130H version. . The amount of the operation reaches 21 million euros, to which an additional million is added for the components to be paid in three installments.

None of the buyers needed a refueling aircraft, but the KC-130H were the fastest available and in better condition.

The Spanish Hercules

These aircraft will be replaced by the Spanish Air Force’s Airbus Defense and Space A400M, so the current Spanish Hercules fleet will be targeted. A block sale to a Turkish company was canceled last June, an operation approved by the Turkish Air Force and the US State Department.

The Hercules of the Spanish Air Force are in very good condition and were considerably modernized in their time by what was then EADS (now Airbus), also with digital avionics. There are also two more C-130s available, one of which is not in use. They parked in the facilities of the Maestranza area of ​​Seville. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Hercules TK-10 refueling Ala 31 in Saragossa (Air Force)

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