The Spanish Civil Guard purchases 630 assault rifles and 110 HK submachine guns

The Civil Guard has formalized the acquisition of 630 G-36K assault rifles and 110 MP-5 A5 assault rifles from the German company Heckler & Koch, which are distributed by the Spanish Uniformidad y Suministros de Protección.

The two contracts, which are processed through the Army Logistics Support Command’s Economic Headquarters, have an amount of EUR 882,200 for assault rifles and EUR 198,000 for submachine guns, both excluding taxes. That adds up to € 1,306,800 including VAT. As on previous occasions, it will be equipment for Civil Guard agents assigned to international missions.

As expected in September, copies of the compact version G36K with a barrel and a short front section will be bought. The barrel is 318 mm long, which together with the collapsing of the stock can reduce its length to 615 mm, which makes it ideal for use in closed rooms or vehicles. The unit price excluding taxes is a maximum of 1,400 euros. In addition to the 5.56 x 45 m caliber assault rifle, which is equipped with an integrated 1.5x optical sight, two 30-round magazines, the rifle holder, the cleaning case, a face shield and the operating instructions are supplied in Spanish.

110 HK submachine guns of the model MP5 A5 in 9 mm caliber are purchased. Pb. With a unit price of 1,800 euros excluding taxes, delivery of two chargers and the necessary cleaning accessories, case, face mask and rifle holder. For both models, second and third level maintenance manuals and illustrated delivery item catalogs are also supplied. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Civil Guard officers equipped with HK (Civil Guard) assault rifles and submachine guns

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