The Spaniard Juan Carlos I and the Italian “Cavour”: The Rota Naval Base houses two thirds of the aircraft carriers of the European Union-Noticias

On February 2nd, the Rota Naval Air Base (Cádiz) exceptionally received two thirds of the EU (European Union) ships capable of operating with fixed-wing combat aircraft: the Italian “Cavour”. (C 550) and the Spaniard Juan Carlos I? (L-61), flagship of the Spanish Navy.

The event, which highlights the EU NAVFOR (Naval Force), which has its headquarters there, highlights the presence of the Navy Militare ship at Pier 2 of the facility along with the Juan Carlos I? (JCI), which is berthed at 3. The share relates to the third largest in the EU in the aircraft carrier category, the “Charles de Gaulle”. of the French Navy Nationale, and leaves the Italian veteran ship ?? Garibaldi ?? (C 551), which is expected to be replaced by the future Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) in Trieste upon delivery in 2022. The Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth. ? (R08) and ?? Prince of Wales ?? (R09) after the UK left the EU.

The ?? Cavour ?? Arrived at the US Navy’s naval base in Norfolk on his short trip to the United States for refueling and other logistical tasks. Largest naval aircraft facility in the world. She left her base port Taranto on January 28th with a crew of 600 people under the command of Captain Giancarlo Ciappina for the USA, where she will qualify for use with F-35 Joint Fighter-Bombers of the 5th generation. Strike Fighter (JSF).

Once at US Naval Base Norfolk, the crew of ?? Cavour ?? The so-called Ready For Operation (RFO) is launched in Atlantic waters, which confirms its ability to operate with the STOVL (Short Take Off and Vertical Landing) variant of the F-35, the Bravo (F-35B) is the unified Candidate to replace the AV-8B Plus Harrier II.

In this context, the EU’s NAVFOR emphasizes: ?? After thirty years of exceptional service the AV-8B Plus has provided, its replacement with the most modern and advanced JSF 5th generation stealth aerial platform means a change necessary to adequately address the challengers current and future scenarios, which pose much greater risks, both to the safety of naval aviators and to the forces and interests that the F-35 seeks to defend. (Julio Maíz Sanz).

Photo: 1- The JCI (left) next to the aircraft carrier ?? Cavour ?? on the docks of Rota. (EU NAVFOR photo)

Nose view of the aircraft carrier ?? Cavour ?? docked at the docks at Rota. (EU NAVFOR photo)

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