The soldiers of the future will be equipped with virtual reality,

As cameras cling to ever smaller devices and become more versatile, imaging has become increasingly important. A leap was later made to handle information in video format.

Nowadays the cameras that we have in our smartphones are much more powerful than we can imagine and the best part is that they could not only be used to take photos or videos but could provide them with functionality up to a few years ago, a long time ago it was considered science fiction.

One of these functions is virtual reality. This technology is able to process video in real time, that is, at the moment the picture is taken.

And what options does that offer us? Well many. Among these, we can make three-dimensional objects appear on the recording stage, the older we can emphasize the movement of other objects, the more figures can be hidden in the environment. In short, very useful things that can be really useful in certain areas. Among them, it is clear that with this technology, the military field has great opportunity for evolution.

One of the technological giants, Microsoft, decided to take a step forward and partner with the various armies by providing a pretty famous virtual reality device. It consists of glasses that are focused and intended to work with the field of augmented reality.

The possibilities that this device offers in the military sector are very numerous.

Suppose the situation of an individual on a battlefield at night. If that person has glasses they can mark the enemies with any sensors they have equipped and even use artificial intelligence to display a series of graphics all over their field of vision giving them precise instructions. what to do and how to do it

Another of the most important applications would be the fighter jet pilots who, in their view, project the various parameters that would be projected onto the fighter. In this way, not only are the costs of these aircraft greatly reduced, but they are also more integrated into the individual, which enables the skills of both the aircraft and the pilot himself to be developed. (Efn Varn, DLTCode)

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