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Its precision has been developed to increase the effectiveness of the individual fighter against targets at long range, both at fixed and moving ranges, day and night. Because of its precision, it is a very useful asset for protecting sensitive facilities such as military bases in operational areas or even on borders as we shall see in the face of the threat posed by UAVs.

The Israeli company Smart Shooter has offered its special SMASH viewer various special units of the armed forces and various state security forces and bodies that are integrated both for individual weapons and in a system against UAVs. For this reason, several demonstrations are planned, which we will analyze in this publication. The SMASH has currently been in use by the Israeli armed forces and the US special forces since 2018.

One of the most recent milestones in this system was last week. The company announced that the Critical Design Review (CDR) of the system has been passed for the Department of Defense’s IWOO, or Individual Weapon Overmatch Optic, program. Last February, the Department of Defense’s Directorate of Technical Support for Irregular Warfare (IWTSD) selected Smart Shooters to develop solutions for the program. This selection would explain the US special forces rating of SMASH as we analyzed it in June of that year. Exceeding the CDR means that the proposal has been approved by the IWTSD and the first prototypes will begin manufacturing and will be delivered next fall. The design for the IWOO program combines continuous 1-8x zoom with automatic ground target detection and some UAS functions.

Last February, as part of a Ministry of Defense program, the Dutch army carried out a two-day evaluation of SMASH in the Austrian mountains to evaluate different options against UAVs. During the tests, 67 UAVs were shot down at distances of up to 200 meters in difficult weather conditions such as fog and snow. Both stationary and moving targets were hit with no more than three shots. The RAS (Robotic Automated Systems) train of the 13th Light Brigade as part of the Dutch Nucleus C-UAS program was responsible for the evaluation.

In December last year, the Indian Ministry of Defense commissioned the SMASH 2000 Plus to be delivered to the Navy. The contract provides for integration into the AK-47/103 assault rifle in order to improve the accuracy and speed of the shooter’s release of fire. The SMASH 2000 Plus version contains the already known fire control system with an additional function against UAVs, which enables the shooter to hard kill both stationary and moving unmanned aircraft. It is ideal for border guards or critical infrastructures.

At the beginning of October we reported on the agreement that provides for the production of the SMASH in Brazil by the Akaer Group’s Opto Space & Defense company. A month earlier, the US Army had subjected the SMASH 2000 to a variety of tests under a Department of Defense of the Foreign Benchmark-Type program that compared the SMASH 2000 to areas currently in use in the Army. The aim of these tests was to assess whether mature technologies from international companies are ready to meet the requirements of the US armed forces. Thousands of times were fired at targets between 25 and 400 meters at fixed and moving targets.

How it works

The author had the opportunity to test this type of rifle scope during the LAAD fair in 2019. It is a compact size rifle scope that allows installation in an assault rifle with a standardized Picatiny rail. Its size isn’t much larger than an average area, but it combines holographic data presentation technology with electro-optic sensors and algorithms so that it’s kind of a compact fire direction.

According to the author, he was able to prove that it was a very intuitive system, with a button placed near the trigger so that the calculator would appear on a similar crosshair when a moving target is highlighted on an aircraft’s HUD the point at which the weapon must be aimed based on the range and movement of the target. The manufacturer has chosen the sniper motto One Shot, One Hit to illustrate the precision of the system. The viewer automatically recognizes, highlights and tracks potential targets, including drones, by displaying the information on a screen. The integrated fire control continuously calculates the ideal moment for fire and offers the shooter the best chance to neutralize the target.

The operation of the SMASH has been adapted to lock and shoot targets in flight, requiring a change in the algorithms with which it works. SMASH was originally developed to provide shooters with a vision system to increase weapon accuracy and reduce collateral damage. Now SMASH can track and intercept UAVs at distances of up to 120 meters on the first shot. The system can also record the recording sequence on video and then analyze the actions for training and effectiveness validation tasks. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The SMASH Viewer (Smart Shooter)

Various test sequences against UAVs (Smart Shooter)

The SMASH 2000 (Smart Shooter)

The approved design for the IWOO (Smart Shooter) program

The exercise against UAVs of the Dutch Army (Smart Shooter)

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