The ship “Dumont d’Urville” of the French National Navy in Mexico-Noticias

The BSAOM (Foreign Assistance and Assistance Vessel) Dumont dUbville of the French National Navy will arrive next Thursday, March 11th, as part of a crossing during which it completed relief operations in the port of Cozumel, Mexico. Humanitarian aid in the Caribbean.

The ship is part of a flotilla consisting of three other ships of the same class that were delivered to the French National Mariona in 2019 to carry out relief operations on the coasts of their country and also in other latitudes. Its high level of automation enables it to carry out its missions with a small and well-trained crew. The Dumomnt dUrville has 2 crews of 24 sailors who go to sea every 4 months. This organization guarantees more than 200 days of action at sea per year. The Dumont dUrville was delivered to the French Marine Nationale in 2019 and is the fourth in this series.

It is equipped with a davit that can launch a rigid ECUME assault vehicle (multi-purpose vehicle) for the use of commands, especially for drug control missions in the Caribbean. It’s also adapted to conduct maritime surveillance missions, humanitarian assistance, and marine pollution response, says the National Navy. Specially prepared for humanitarian aid missions, it offers space for a large number of passengers on board in the event of an evacuation and has a trailer load of 30 tons.

The French armed forces in the Antilles, thanks in particular to the deployment of the Dumont dUrville, have 12 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America in coordination with French regional organizations such as PIRAC (Regional Intervention Platform for America and the Caribbean) of the French Red Cross, AFD (French Development Agency) and international organizations such as CARICOM (Caribbean Community), CDEMA (Caribbean Emergency Management Agency) and the World Food Program.

The Dumont dUrville made a stopover in Panama from February 27th to March 2nd of this year and docked at Rodman harbor. He was received by commanders of the National Aviation Service (SENAN) of that country. Arrival in Cozumel after completing aid missions in the Colombian islands of Provincia and Santa Catalina, which have been hit by hurricanes and other natural phenomena in recent months. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

Photos: The BSAOM Dumont dUrville of the French National Navy in Panama (Photos FRENCH EMBASSY IN PANAM)

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