The Senegalese Air Force will receive a third CN-235 which they will assign to the maritime patrol -news

On March 30, a CN-235 MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft) from Indonesia landed in Dakar, where it was built by PT Dirgantara for the Senegalese Air Force, which will use it for maritime patrol duties.

On arrival, the plane was met by the Indonesian Ambassador in Dakar, Dindin Wahyudin, and the Senegalese Air Force Chief of Staff, Papa Souleymane Sarr. It is the third unit of its type since the Senegalese Air Force acquired two CN-235-220s of the same type in 2018.

According to the Indonesian Embassy in Senegal, the sale of this device is part of the good relationship between the two countries, which have been working together for 65 years. The plane should have arrived in September last year, however, but the COVID-19 pandemic postponed this milestone until recently. The plane took off from Bandung, the capital of West Java, and crossed twelve countries before reaching Senegal. It made stopovers in India, Qatar, Sudan, Chad and Niger, a trip that lasted twelve days.

According to PT Dirgantara, the MPA is an ideal platform for conducting search and rescue missions (SAR), exclusive economic zone surveillance (EEZ), pollution control, maritime traffic surveillance and surface warfare (ASuW). It has eleven hours of autonomy and can fly for nine hours over the area of ​​interest, which is 200 nautical miles from land. It has surface surveillance radar and an electro-optical system for identifying surface targets. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The plane on arrival in Senegal (Indonesian Embassy in Dakar)

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