The self-driving mobile hospital that China donated to , the Argentine Defense Agency

The Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Santiago Cafiero; Defense Minister Agustn Rossi and his health colleague Carla Vizzotti chaired the award ceremony in Campo de Mayo for the mobile hospital donated to the national defense portfolio by the Ministry of Defense of the People’s Republic of China.

The mobile health center (KANGFEI brand model BLAT30EX14V) is operated in orbit of the Ministry of Defense and operated by the health department of the Argentine Army. The Chief of Staff thanked the accompaniment and support we received with this donation and emphasized that this type of partnership does not seek economic gain, but a closer kind of culture, solidarity and community loyalty.

He also reiterated that at this time as everyone is coping with the pandemic that while it is very difficult but no excuses are needed as Argentines deserve a response, government action can provide answers to the pandemic that is important to the public Health of our country and military health; Argentina does not have a self-propelled mobile hospital, Rossi said during the ceremony, which was also attended by the ambassador of the Xi Jinping government, Zou Xiaoli, to whom he expressed his deep gratitude for this donation.

The minister mentioned that this health unit, which has 13 modules in their respective trucks, will allow us to be instantly and precisely in different parts of Argentina. The Chinese ambassador referred to the connection between the two nations when he said that the hospital donated is a new fruit of our substantive cooperation in the defense field. And he added: We are living at the best moment in bilateral relations, and mutual relations between the two armed forces have reached an unprecedented level.

Due to its size and facilities, this mobile hospital will be very useful in the face of natural disasters and / or situations like the one the country is currently going through with the health crisis caused by Covid-19. Each of the 13 trucks correspond to different areas of the important hospital on wheels, namely:

– Company vehicle

– Vehicle first aid

– Vehicle diagnosis by X-rays

– Vehicle biochemical laboratory

-Vehicle sterilization service

-Vehicle power supply

-Vehicle water supply

-Kitchen vehicle

-Washing vehicle

– Oxygen generating vehicle

-Shower truck

-Baos vehicle

– vehicle support tents

Also included in this donation, which arrived yesterday at the Zrate terminal, four tents for the patient room, 90 portable VHF radios and 15 VHF backpack radios.

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