The Scorpion program in France, which provides for the delivery of 333 Griffon armored vehicles-Noticias , is progressing

A good example of the evolution of the French Scorpion program is the latest rating from the French Defense Procurement Agency DGA for the CP (Command Post) variant of the Griffon armored vehicle. This armored multi-purpose vehicle or VBMR (Vhicule Blind Multi-Rle) is being developed for the French army as part of the Scorpion EBMR (Engin Blind Multi-Rle Armored Multi-Roll Vehicles) program together with the EBRC Jaguar for reconnaissance and combat.

These first copies of the Griffon CP variant were sent to the quality department of the DGA in Roanne for acceptance. Upon completion of this phase, the first three were handed over to the Army’s Technical Department (STAT). There they will continue the operational assessment, after which they will be deployed in the regiments. The arrival of this variant is a complement to the Griffon VTT Flin. The French army plans to project a joint combat group in a foreign operational area by 2021, which can be seen as a test phase for real operations.

The temporary EBMR consortium consists of the companies Nexter, Thales and Arquus. The Scorpion program calls for the delivery of 333 units, half of which will be delivered before 2025. This program aims to modernize the combat capabilities of the army and, in particular, to improve those of the chain of command through the new information resources.

The Griffon CP accommodates the pilot and a co-pilot in the front, while the rear of the vehicle accommodates up to five military personnel. The external silhouette of the CP is not much different from the Flin variant, which is intended for the transport of troops, with the exception of the T2 tower, which is managed by remote control and contains the unit reserved for the transport of infantry. Inside, its change is significant as the command post, in addition to the means of communication of its function, adds screens and devices for data management and presentation, as well as a printer.

The requirements of the latest generation of collaborative combat also include the implementation of the optronic ANTARES system, which offers the crew a comprehensive 360-degree vision of the surroundings and the acoustic location system for shots. the CIS (Combat Information System) or the common radio CONTACT as well as the common systems of the platform. To this we also need to add air conditioning, which will ensure the proper functioning of the electronics and equipment, as well as the comfort of the crew. (Antonio Ros Pau)

Photo: VBMR Griffon command post tested and qualified by the French DGA. (Photo: Thales)

In the command post. (Photo: Nexter)

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