The San Marcial Division is practicing Air Assault Operations-Noticias

The units of the San Marcial division continue to conduct capacity integration exercises (INTECAP) to generate synergies and integrate capacities between them. On this occasion, from February 15 to 19, in the cities of Colmenar Viejo (Madrid) and Casas de Uceda (Guadalajara) personnel of the Air Forces of the Army (FAMET) and the Brigade Almogávares VI of paratroopers conducted a capacity integration exercise that focused on the operation of air strikes / aircraft concentrated.

The new “San Marcial” division is responsible for the production and training of units with very specific skills and high availability. It will be strengthened in the new organization of the army and since January 1st has been grouped under a single command to the units for immediate reaction of the army: Brigade ?? Almogávares ?? VI of the Paratroopers, the Special Operations Command, the Airmobile Forces of the Land Army, the Mountain Troop Command and the Information Operations Regiment No. 1, undoubtedly the most visible representative of the new army organization to adapt to the new strategic context.

The aim of this type of exercise is to develop the operational skills required by defense personnel with the resources available.

Source: Army

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