The Royal Navy has already deployed its advanced patrol ship HMS Trent in Gibraltar-Noticias

Said and done. A little over a week ago we reported on plans by the UK Department of Defense to significantly increase the Royal Navy presence on the Rock of Gibraltar by shipping an Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV). Last Sunday the HMS “Trent” reached her base port, which is a clear signal to the Spanish government.

The deployment of this warship in Europe’s last colonial territory is part of the final strategic review of the defense of the United Kingdom, whose official mission is to assist the NATO fleet in the Mediterranean and the organization’s allies, as well as London in support of anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Guinea and off the coast of West Africa. It does not escape anyone, however, that the presence of this permanently stationed warship on the rock is de facto a claim to the so-called territorial waters of the colony, a situation that is not recognized in the Utrecht Treaty of 1713, through which Spain ceded the area.

So far there is no official record of complaints or official responses from the Department of State or the Estaña government to this operation, just as Spain is negotiating with the United Kingdom an apparently favorable situation for British and colonial interests.

As we analyzed last March, did the HMS ?? Trent ?? (P224) is a modern high altitude patrol boat of the second batch (batch 2) of the class ?? River ?? with a capacity of 2,000 tons, with weapons that are far superior to those of the boats previously used by the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron, and with the ability to operate anti-submarine helicopters. (José Mª Navarro García)

Photo: The HMS ?? Trent ?? after his arrival in the port of Gibraltar last Sunday (UK Ministry of Defense)

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