The Royal Air Force’s fifth Boeing Poseidon MRA1 arrives in Scotland on a direct flight

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has just received its fifth Poseidon MRA (Maritime, Reconnaissance, Attack) Mk1 multi-role patrol aircraft at its Scottish base at RAF-Lossiemouth, from where the fleet operates. Registered ZP805 and christened Fulmar, it flew direct from Seattle to its destination on February 2nd. It is the first time that an RAF Poseidon has been delivered direct from the factory to Scotland on a delivery flight of just over eight hours.

The arrival of the fifth aircraft marks another milestone in the development of the reborn ability of the British Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) from the strategic base at RAF-Lossiemouth, at a time of unprecedented activity by the Russian Federation’s fleet in the Russian Federation since the Cold War Close to UK waters.

The Poseidon MRA1 can react quickly to pursue threats in large marine areas and defend the Royal Navy submarine fleet, which is located a little further south in the Scottish Gare Loch (fjord) of Clyde, in the exit stages and on entry into its Base, Her Majesty’s Naval Base, Clyde (HMNB Clyde).

The Fulmar name of the new MRA1 is a nod to the naval past of the current RAF Lossiemouth facility, a naval station called Her Majesty’s Station HMS Fulmar between 1946 and 1972. Boeing’s Poseidon MRA1 (British name for the P-8A) is the most modern device in the world in its field. In fact, it is the only one that is defined as Multimission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) as it goes beyond the MPA as it can carry out anti-submarine and surface warfare missions or anti-submarine (ASW) thanks to its sensors and weapon systems / Surface warfare (ASuW) and for surveillance and search and rescue missions, Search and Rescue (SAR).

The aircraft also has an APY-10 radar for high resolution mapping, an acoustic sensor system, an electro-optic / infrared (EO / IR) tower, and electronic support measures or electronic support measures (ESM). The UK Department of Defense ordered a total of nine Poseidon Mk.1 aircraft, and with the ZP805, the number of fleets is more than half. The UK government invested £ 470m in the RAF Lossiemouth base when the first MRA1 arrived due to the lack of completion of work at the nearby RAF Kinloss base to ensure the future of Quick Reaction Alert’s operations (QRA ) of MMA for many years. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: Arrival of the fifth Poseidon at the RAF Lossiemouth base in Seattle. (UK MOD photo).

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