The Principle of Equality in the Legion of the 21st Century

The Legion need not be required to apply the principle of equality and non-discrimination based on sex at all times, as it has no calling other than to serve the country with fellowship, friendship, association, aid and valor as set out in the Legion’s Creed. and this calling seeks protection in the hearts of both men and women.

It has rained since the first ordinance on the inclusion of women in the armed forces was enacted in 1988, and since 1989 the law has extended the inclusion of women to all bodies and scales of both armies and the navy. That is why women have been part of the Legion for over thirty years.

It is therefore absurd to speak of inequalities in the Legion of the 21st century, as both legionnaires and legionnaires receive recognition for their heroic work and frugal discipline at all military parades as soon as the first chords of their anthem sound against the backdrop of The Spaniards aware of their interventions in defense of the restoration of peace in their dangerous international missions.

Times past are present and never the same in the future, and the image we have of the Legion today is not at all the same as it was more than forty years ago, even though it is based on these first steps day in and day out. .

Surely when the first women arrived in the Legion, almost everyone in the Tercio knew who these legionnaires were so bold and fearless, for many were daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters of legionnaires who suffered on the front lines from the insecurities of the long time You wait and see for the arrival of your grandparents, brothers, uncles or parents after engaging in the ever dangerous missions.

Then, after the appointment of the first female legionnaires, no one knew who these new women who joined the Tercio were, as most of them no longer had any relationship with legionnaires knights or with the aforementioned female legionnaires as they wished to Kick the Legion more than from family tradition, because they are informed via the media or social networks.

Nobody is surprised anymore, because it would be illogical if someone were surprised, the great courage and enormous strength of the Legionnaires, that with their athletic bodies there are no glass ceilings that could withstand them and that they serve as a model for effort and perseverance for many girls who also dream of being courageous and loyal legionnaires who work for the restoration of peace everywhere on the planet as they have shown and will continue to demonstrate in each of the missions they demonstrate in Spain participates, has participated and will continue to participate, always with pride, slightly crooked, the traditional legionary gorrillo or chapiri.

(By Juan Carlos Corniero Lera, Armored Poetry Department Award. Honorable Mention Army Award. XI Mechanized Brigade Gold Badge)

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