The presidential delegate in the southern macrozone resigns after questioning the role of Chile-Noticias armed forces

The Chilean Ministry of Interior has announced that it has accepted the resignation of Cristián Barra as head of the coordination team for the southern macrozone. The government values ​​the work and commitment of Cristián Barra during his tenure. Barra was forced to leave his post after a controversial interview with El Mercurio in which he pointed out that the armed forces in the southern macrozone “lack the will”. He added that the uniformed men “are always reluctant. I have to meet with them as defense chiefs in the various regions, and I find it particularly unusual for them to come to meetings with lawyers to be able to say why they are doing things.” can not do.” you want that. “he explained.

In view of this, Defense Minister Baldo Prokurica endorsed the work of the armed forces, saying that “our legislation stipulates that the work of public order and security complies with the Carabineros and the PDI, while the armed forces play a defined role in the state of emergency to which they adhere strictly and who is dedicated to the logistics, planning, equipment and support of the police. “

In addition to accepting Barra’s resignation, the government reported that attorney Loreto Silva Rojas has been appointed as Presidential Advisor in the Southern Macrozone, whose work will focus on issues related to the legal coordination of government work in the Southern Macrozone that is being worked for along with the mayors, governors and legal teams in the region. Loreto Silva is a prominent lawyer from the University of Chile who served as Undersecretary and Minister of Public Works during the first administration of President Piñera, ”said La Moneda. (Pamela Squella)

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