The PO-153 Guanajuato of the Mexican Navy and the Dumont d’Urville of the French National Navy train together (with photo gallery)

The ships PO-153 Guanajuato of the Mexican Navy and the A-624 Dumont dUrville of the French National Navy carried out the naval exercise PASSEX-2021 off the coast of the state of Quintana Roo during their stay inland as part of the activities of the French ship.

54 Mexican and 24 French seamen took part in the exercise and carried out various sea coordination and support maneuvers on the open sea with the means available to each ship and crew. The A-624 Dumont dUrville docked in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Panama and Colombia on March 15, where it made official visits and developed humanitarian aid.

PASSEX 2021 was carried out in the Caribbean north of the Mexican island of Cozumel. The aim was to improve the level of training and interoperability of the personnel of the Mexican Navy in order to strengthen their capacities to carry out their tasks. and attributions, detailed by the Secretary of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (SEMAR).

The Secretariat stated that the exercises were developed taking into account maritime formations and maneuvers between the ships of the two navies, which put the sea communication skills, the use of available resources and the level of training of their crews to the test under the operational concept Trinomio (Interceptor Patrol Helicopter Ship) .

The PASSEX 2021 exercises conducted overboard rescue practices, addressing the use of boats and the use of the helicopter for medical relief operations to provide the opportunity to coordinate joint tasks on the high seas, according to the Mexican Navy.

The SEMAR explained that the maneuvers carried out can be applied to combat scenarios or to maintain the rule of law at sea, which implies compliance with national and international legal framework and respect for human rights at all times.

The Secretariat indicated, as part of the exercises with the A-624 Dumont dUrville, that the mission of the Mexican Navy is to exercise the federation’s maritime powers for the external defense and internal security of the country, as well as for coast guard functions. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

Photos: Exercise PASSEX-2021 between PO-153 Guanajuato of the Mexican Navy and A-624 Dumont dUrville of the French National Navy.

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