The pilots of the Brazilian Air Force talk about their love for their job and for flying

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Alberto Santos-Dumont, Eduardo Gomes, Casimiro Montenegro and Nero Moura were some of the people who built the history of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The steps of these personalities echoed and motivated many other Brazilians who also dared, and enabled Brazilian aviation to become a global reference.

Mirror of these important personalities who forged the values ​​and ideals of the FAB, today we have our military, the ones who fly and fly. 79 years of history, a past full of glory and a bright future. Driven by the fascination of flying, the proud children of the air, who honor the legacy of their predecessors and feel committed to our nation, guided by discipline, aptitude and love for their country, report on their actions, missions and love for their profession.

Congratulations to all the fliers because their day, October 23rd, is getting closer. Check out the testimonials.

Rotary Wing Aviation

“What motivated me most to pursue a career in Rotary Wing Aviation was helping people. To be able to pass on the feeling of security and protection to society fills me with pride. I have participated in missions that have brought me professional and personal success, e.g. B. the transport of vaccines to indigenous communities and rescue missions. I recently took part in the air transport logistical mission in Operation Pantanal in Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul when I was able to transport the fire brigades to the fire sites and participate in the rescue of a jaguar weakened by the flames ”.
Fliegerleutnant Josué Marcos Coelho Gonçalves – Pantera Squadron (5th / 8th GAV)

Fighter Aviation

“Fighter Aviation has inspired me since I was a child. Whenever I went to Campo de Marte in São Paulo (SP) with my family, I saw the plane fly. This motivated me to join the Brazilian Air Force. After a long study and commitment, I managed to switch to Fighter Aviation. I am very proud to be part of the select group of fighter pilots and I believe that the best way to defend our country is to stay prepared. I recently took part in the Tápio exercise in Campo Grande (MS) organized by the Preparatory Command (COMPREP). if we diligently carry out various maneuvers to defend our country ”.
Fliegerleutnant Rômulo dos Santos Farias – Centaur Squadron (3 ° / 10 ° GAV)

Patrol aviation

“Forged in the heat of World War II battles and enemy submarines bombed, the patrol’s successes were written in history. His glorious past made me choose this path. As a pilot with Patrol Aviation, I have worked on several missions to protect our coast, but I will never forget the mission to find and monitor the progress of oil spills that have reached our waters on the Brazilian coast. It was one of the most recent environmental disasters in our nation that the FAB has acted intensely on. The blue Amazon is ours and I will always be ready to protect it. Save the patrol! “
Pilot Aliki Vasconcelos Costa – Phoenix Squadron (2 ° / 7 ° GAV)

Transport aviation

“When I came to the Air Force Academy, I wanted to fulfill my dream of flying. My dream came true. I feel fulfilled with my career and flying in Transport Aviation. We carry out various air force operations, including logistical air transport that helps those who need it most, in the remotest parts of our country and abroad. In 2020, during Operation COVID-19, we transported various materials and consumables such as respirators, alcohol gel and personal protective equipment to those who needed assistance most. It was a general feeling for me and the crew to be happy to help those who might not get help anytime soon. “
Aviator Lieutenant Colonel Luiz Fernando Rezende Ferraz – Zeus Squadron (1st GTT)

Aviation Search and Rescue

“The ability to save lives was my biggest motivation in choosing Search and Rescue Aviation. That’s why I followed my career. One of the most noticeable missions took place in November 2018. The mission was triggered when the pelican squadron was still using the H-60L Black Hawk. For this reason, a mixed crew started from the 2nd / 10th. GAV and the 5./8. GAV to search. There were many challenges until after five days and four nights two passengers were found alive. We celebrated the rescue and after a few months one of the survivors returned to tell us the story from his point of view. It was exciting to see your gratitude. Only the feeling of achievement remained. “
Aviation captain André Villela Gaspar – Pelikangeschwader (2nd / 10th GAV)

Reconnaissance aviation

“Since joining FAB, I’ve had the grateful satisfaction of belonging to two completely different airlines – transportation and reconnaissance. At present, in reconnaissance aviation, it is my great satisfaction to conduct intelligence missions that contribute to the defense of the homeland and the Brazilian airspace, such as the air defense operations in joint operations with public security agencies. Without a doubt, I have been very successful in my career and I feel increasingly motivated to carry out our country’s constitutional missions. “
Pilot Thais Lemgruber Américo – Guard Squadron (2nd / 6th GAV)

Information from the Brazilian Air Force

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