The pilot leaves the plane in mid-flight to restart the engine with his own hands

According to a video posted on social media this week, something unthinkable, but not impossible, happened in the United States: a pilot left his seat in flight to restart the plane’s engine with his hands.

The video you saw above was posted on the Reddit forum this week, and there isn’t a lot of detail on this case, only that it’s a Piper Cub airplane, one of the most classic single piston engines in the world, and which probably happened in the US near the west coast where there is a desert area as seen in the video.

For some unknown reason, the aircraft’s engine stops in flight and the propeller does not move even with the force of the wind. The companion, who sits in the back seat and after his speeches also appears to be a pilot, asks the pilot in advance whether the fuel selector is switched on (with both fuel tanks) and whether the magnets are also in the position of both that the pilot yes says.

After this quick troubleshooting (a term used in aviation to refer to checks to identify and / or solve problems), the man filming instructs the pilot to restart the engine. In some aircraft, battery and other problems sometimes require you to start the engine by manually turning the propeller. This can be dangerous and requires knowledge to do it without cutting your hands.

And without much ceremony, the pilot, mysteriously tied to a rope, opens the window, leans on the structure of the plane and goes to the engine, turns the propeller and starts the engine again.

There is something very incredible to see, especially given the calmness of the two occupants in the middle of an engine failure which is one of the most critical for any driver.

On the other hand, the fact that both are calm and the rope is conveniently attached to the pilot shows that anything could be planned to make a joke on the internet. What do you think? Real or willful?

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