The pilot distracts the flight after the flight attendants find a dead person in the aircraft toilet

An Air China Airbus A321 recently made an emergency landing after a man was found dead in the aircraft’s toilet. The case received little publicity from the Western media.

Photo by Toshi Aoki – JP Spotters, CC BY-SA via Wikimedia

The regular and daily flight CA4230, which was supposed to fly from Fuzhou to Chengdu, took off on the night of Wednesday, September 24, but did not reach its destination that day and had to disembark at Changsha International Airport – Huanghua. Central Hunan Province due to an emergency on board.

According to a Yahoo! In Singapore, the pilots’ decision to move flights to another airport was due to the fact that a flight man was found in the toilet of the aircraft on suspicion of suicide.

A witness told the website that he heard the flight attendants knock on the bathroom door several times but received no response. Then they broke the door and found the man lifeless. After the commander was informed of the situation, the expected protocols were followed and the pilots landed at an alternative airport.

As recorded in FlightAware’s flight history, the plane sank 10,500 meters (34,000 feet) in about half an hour before landing safely at Changsha Airport.

Another passenger said the incident happened shortly after reaching cruising altitude. According to him, almost all flight attendants were mobilized to respond to the emergency, and passengers with medical training also joined the rescue attempt. But it was too late, even though the passenger was taken to the hospital after landing, there was no more life.

Some passengers on social media praised the crew for their “quick and cool action in handling this emergency”. The diverted plane arrived in Chengdu the next day.

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