The Peruvian Armed Forces will support and defend the population and the Constitution-Noticias

Amid the tremors in Peru caused by the murder of two demonstrators during the national mobilization against the government of the already former President Manuel Merino de Lama, the joint command of the Peruvian Armed Forces yesterday made a statement offering their full support and Defending the Constitution, recalling that the armed forces strictly adhere to its non-consultative principle, based largely on their essential mission to defend the lives of Peruvians along with the integrity of the country, and that the armed forces do everything possible will be means and capabilities to defend the people and the rule of law based on the basic principles of freedom and democracy. They also regretted the deaths of two young demonstrators and called for a peaceful solution to the conflict in order to find the best alternative to the country’s other problems.

Yesterday, Saturday, following the murder of two demonstrators in the street riots the country witnessed, the recently sworn defense and interior ministers also announced their resignation. The defense ministers, Brigadier General (r) Walter Fernando Chvez Cruz and the interior minister, Lieutenant General Gastn Rodriguez Limo, were only at their posts for three days. The social pressure exerted by members of the Peruvian National Police after the deaths of the 22- and 25-year-old protesters resulted not only in the resignation of the defense and interior ministers, but also the resignation of 11 other ministers. and then that of Merino de Lama, who plunged the country into a worrying situation of power vacuum.

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