The Peruvian Air Force’s acquisition of the Boeing 737-400 is at risk if it is found to have suffered structural damage –

The purchase of a Boeing 737-400 for the Peruvian Air Force that was awarded by the Armed Forces Purchasing Agency (ACFFAA) to Aviation Global Group Inc. (USA) is a $ 10.4 million contract frustrated because it was found that the on October 6th as a result of a collision with a tow truck at Juan Santamaria International Airport, Costa Rica, had suffered structural damage that cast serious doubts on its actual operational status. . The ACFFAA will shortly decide whether to withdraw the award in accordance with applicable Aviation Global Group Inc. regulations and void the process, to be recalled within the legal deadlines.

The Boeing 737-400, which ACFFAA acquired from Aviation Global Group Inc., was reportedly manufactured in 1992 and registered under serial number 26526. In March 1992 she was added to the fleet of Royal Air Maroc (Morocco). It registered the license plate CN-RMX. Then, in November 2014, keeping the same registration, it went to one of its subsidiaries: Atlas Blue. In January 2010 it was returned to Royal Air Maroc and two years later it was sold to Aergo Capital (Ireland). Work with the license plate N526TP.

Between February and May 2013, it was rebuilt by PEMCO in its factories in Jinan, China and given the designation 737-400F. It has a side loading flap and can hold containers or pallets of various types: 223.5 cm x 317.5 cm (88 “x 125”), 223.5 cm x 274.32 cm (88 x 108 “), 243, 84 cm (96 “x 125”) x 317.5 cm) or LD-9, AEH, LD-3 and Demi. It can carry approximately 21,000 kg of cargo. In June 2013, it switched to Colt Aviation with the registration PR-IOY (Brazil). Returned to Aergo Capital in April 2017, finally taken over by AerCaribe (Colombia) in June this year and registered under registration number HK-5228 (Alejo Marchessini, Correspondent of Grupo Edefa in Lima).

Photo: Boeing 737-400 for the Peruvian Air Force.

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