The performance of the two Klimov RD-33MK turbofan aircraft engines of the MiG-29K


With its two Klimov RD-33MK turbofan aircraft engines that this MIG-29K is equipped with, the launch of this Russian aircraft carrier is not a big problem for the experienced pilot of this legendary fighter.

The Sea Wasp is an upgraded RD-33 engine installed on Mig-29 fighters. Development began in 2001 when the MiG aircraft construction company signed a contract to supply MiG-29K fighters. It offers a stronger thrust than the basic model and shows all the advantages such as unrestricted flight control and high stability against environmental disturbances. The RD-33MK was used as the base model for later improved jet fighter engines. In particular, it can be equipped with Klimov’s patented thrust vector nozzle, which improves combat efficiency by 12-15%. Due to the increased engine power, the MiG-29K fighter can be started from the deck of the aircraft carrier without outside help. The engine contains systems that reduce infrared and optical visibility. The service life of the engine is 4,000 hours;

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