The patrol boat ARA Piedrabuena, the second of the four OPV put into service, has been delivered to the Argentine Navy in France – Noticias

The French industrial consortium Naval Group delivered the sea patrol ship OPV ARA Piedrabuena with the designation P-52, the second Argentine oceangoing vessel under the four-ship contract, in the presence of Captain Vctor Ortiz. Navos representative of the Argentine body in the Gallic land.

The ship, this time in brand new construction, offers the same equipment and features as the first of the series, the ARA Bouchard P-51, which is already in service in the Argentine Navy. What is striking is that some of its features have been enhanced to meet the needs of the Navy.

The ARA Piedrabuena is better armed, motorized, equipped with an active stabilization system and a bow thruster. It also belongs to the ICE IC class, meaning it is suitable for navigation in the cold waters of Antarctica. It is also highlighted that it is equipped with the Polaris combat system and the NiDL tactical data link system specially developed by the Naval Group for government missions at sea and validated by the French Navy.

The head of the program responsible for production, JC Flandrin, emphasized that despite the extremely complicated health situation around the world and thanks to the great mobilization of the Naval Group, the Kership, Piriou teams and all their industrial partners, we have succeeded deliver this first patrol car on time. (Luis Pieiro)

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