The passenger says she woke up to a man who urinated on her in flight

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Imagine sleeping peacefully on a flight and suddenly you are awake when someone urinates on you. The unbelievable situation occurred last Monday, October 12th, on a Delta Air Lines flight with an American.

Passenger Alicia Beverly returned to her Detroit home after a fun vacation in Las Vegas. Everything went well, it was a Delta night flight that usually lasted about 4 hours, everyone was asleep, including them when, according to Alicia herself, in an interview with FOX 2 Detroit, she was woken by something damp and hot.

Gradually Alicia regained consciousness and when she realized what was really happening, she jumped and screamed.

“I jumped up and saw your private area outside and screamed, it woke everyone up,” Alicia said. “From the moment I really looked at him and saw him shake his ‘area’ I thought, ‘This man is mad at me!’ I looked around and there was a puddle of urine on the seat. “

The scream woke the other passengers on the flight, including an off duty cop who was rushing to respond to the situation and arrested the man.

To make the fact even more strange, the man who urinated in Alicia is a well-known pastor from North Carolina, United States. According to FOX 2 sources, the pastor reacted to the sleeping pills he took before boarding the plane.

According to the victim, after all this, the pastor did not say a word for the rest of the time he sat there.

In an interview with Fox’s Detroit subsidiary, Alicia said she had to keep her clothes wet with urine until she landed at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The pastor has been taken into custody but not yet formally charged. The FBI (police department dealing with incidents in the air) is already investigating the case.

Alicia ends the interview by stating that she was very scared after the incident. “I left work yesterday because I couldn’t stay, but I had to tell them why I had to go. It was very difficult. My fear was literally very high. Since then, I’ve only been able to sleep for 4 hours, “said Alicia Beverly.

At the time of this writing, there is no information on any possible statement by the pastor about the situation.

Receive the news on your mobile, click to access the AEROIN channel via Telegram and our profile on Instagram.

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