The painter Ferrer-Dalmau delivers the painting “Blood for Water”. to the Intendance Corps news

The painter Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau delivered his painting “Blood for Water”. to the Corps of Intendancy, in a ceremony on April 17th at the Palacio de Polentinos, headquarters of the General Military Archives of Ávila and the Museum of Intendancy. A gift from the renowned Catalan painter to General José María de Barutell, Director of Commerce and Inspector of the Army Intendance Corps. Other military and civil authorities were also present at the ceremony, including the city’s mayor, Jesús Manuel Sánchez.

The history of this painting dates back two years when Ferrer-Dalmau was commissioned to produce a painting at the beginning of the 21st century that focused on one of the actions of this corps in the North African campaigns. Since this is a campaign for which there are no photos, the documentation was made through oral reports and the mayors brought water on mules to the troops who fought in North Africa a century ago. A performance that cost lives and which we now want to honor with a suggestive title: “Blood for Water”.

What should actually be a commission has thus become a gift. In this way Ferrer-Dalmau wanted to show his respect for a body that is part of our history, through “one of the many heroic deeds we owe it to us,” as he himself emphasizes.

In this sense, the artist wanted to emphasize in this act that he is trying with his combat works to restore the historical facts of our country so that people are at least a little proud of who we are and where we come from, because our grandparents and ancestors were there and the sacrifice they made is part of the history of Spain. The Quartermaster Corps, for its part, responded to this mutual affection by calling him “Intendant of Honor”.

Text and photography: Army.

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