The owner of ITA Transportes Aéreos wants an Airbus A320 with only 110 seats

In a long interview with Folha de São Paulo newspaper, Itapemirim’s owner Sidnei Piva revealed his ambitious plans, which include flying with few seats in the Airbus A320 jets in a VIP configuration.

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The interview was given to Folha de São Paulo this Thursday (15th). In it, Sidnei Piva, owner of the Itapemirim Group, which owns the Itapemirim Group, and controller of ITA Transportes Aéreos, the newest airline in Brazil, said that he would only place a few seats in the company’s jet, the Airbus A320.

Speaking to Folha, Piva said: “The A320 seats 160 people, but we are requesting a provision for only 110 passengers. The seats get bigger and with more space in between. “

According to EASA, the European Civil Aviation Agency, the maximum seating capacity of the Airbus A320 is 195, depending on the type of emergency exit fitted on the aircraft. However, this configuration is not used by any airline, which has around 180 seats on average on the A320.

In Brazil, the only A320 operators are Azul and LATAM, which carry a maximum of 174 passengers. At Avianca Brasil, the jets were configured with 162 seats. Competitor GOL, which flies the Boeing 737-800, a direct competitor of the A320, has reconfigured its jets to 186 seats, which corresponds to the standard of the 737 MAX 8.

If the aircraft actually has 110 seats or the like, only three flight attendants are needed per flight, as only one flight attendant is required for every 50 passengers, so between 100 and 150 customers can only be three.

Chances are Piva mistook the A320 for the smaller A319, despite explicitly mentioning the A320 in the same speech. The A319 is four meters smaller than the A320 and, according to previous interviews, was already on ITA’s radar. The maximum passenger capacity is 160 people, with LATAM configured for 144 seats and Avianca Brasil for 132 seats.

A decrease of 50 seats or an equivalent percentage in one of the jets will result in a density never seen in recent national aviation, a very VIP configuration. Watch the scenes in the next chapters.

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