The only F-35 to be tested outside of the US arrives in Israel

On November 11, the only F-35 destined for testing outside the United States landed at the Israeli Air Force Base in Tel Nof. The fighter had left the assembly line of Lockheed Martin’s production facility a few days earlier and after several stopovers had arrived in Israel to join the Israel Aerospace Force under the acronym Manat of Merkaz Nisu’ey Tisa (Test Center). Flight) based on the above basis.

The main peculiarity of this F35 is that it was made with an open architecture of its software that would allow it to carry out the necessary tests for the integration of weapons, sensors, avionics and other systems of Israeli design and production, which then on The F35 applied the entire fleet of F-35I Adir (the Mighty in relation to God) of Israel.

We are facing an extraordinary event so far, as all F-35s that the North American multinational plant is building, excluding those of the United States itself, have completely closed their complex software systems to foreign customers for any attempt at variation on behalf of the customer countries. This action was imposed by the United States on the members of the program so that future modernizations and upgrades of the fleets of this fighter-bomber would be carried out in agreement with the manufacturer and with the resulting prior approval of the United States Department of Defense. .

In the case of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the United States would have made an exception again to empower a key ally of Washington’s Middle East policy, which will lead to a steady increase in functions, including from other F-35 users like the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates). Furthermore, the entry of Israel’s powerful defense industry will be of great benefit both economically and especially technologically. In this way, the various systems and weapons that Israel’s booming defense industry develops and manufactures are implemented in this fleet. This process has already been carried out in Israel in the past using fighter-bombers of North American design and manufacture: A-4 Skyhawk, F-4E Phantom, F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon.

The IDF test F-35 is clearly identifiable as telemetry markings are placed on the two sides of the fuselage in addition to the mana insignia. It also bears the Stars of David already painted on wings and the tactical number 924, although not yet the shields and markings of the unit. He will join the 601 Squadron, the flight unit of the Aerospace Force Test Center Manat. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: The new F-35I Adir Manat shows several telemetry markings on the fuselage. (IDF photo)

The F-35I Adir Manat landing on Tel Nof base, the headquarters of the, shows several telemetry markings on its fuselage. (IDF photo)

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