The old Varig Boeing 727 will be auctioned for R $ 40,000

Photo – Santayana Leilões

Have you ever thought of holding a classic Boeing 727-100F Trijato that was used by Varig? That possibility exists now that the jet that once flown with the PP-VLD registration in Brazil has been put up for sale on an auction site.

It’s a classic that originally went to VASP but was delivered to Varig in 1970. Years later, as early as 1989, the passenger trijato was converted into a freighter and passed on to the company’s cargo division, Varig Carga, which would make VarigLog, where it remained until 2006.

From 2006 to the present day, the jet was stored at Salgado Filho International Airport in Porto Alegre and was waiting for a new destination after the bankruptcy of Varig and VarigLog. It was years outdoors after their owners shut down.

The aircraft no longer has any of the three engines and only the left and upper engine cowlings, which are integrated into the fuselage, are present. Its interior is also quite decadent, with instruments missing from the cockpit, among other parts. However, some items, such as the original landing gear and even the aircraft’s black box, remained.

The aircraft is available for interested parties from the auctioneer Santayana Leilões. The bids start at R $ 40,000. So far, the auction is not registering any bids, but the website says it will run until October 23, Aviator’s Day.

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