The offices and residence of the head of the joint command of the Peruvian Armed Forces are searched-Notes

The public prosecutor’s controversial action against the armed forces seriously challenges the Peruvian judicial system.

With surprising care and in a so-called clear media show, the provincial prosecutor specializing in corruption crimes committed by officials from South Lima, supported by members of the Department of Highly Complex Crime Investigation (DIVIAC), as part of an investigation into alleged acts of corruption involving theft and sale of fuel assigned to the Peruvian Army, the home and offices of the Chief of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, Army General Cesar Astudillo Salcedo.

The procedure, carried out on the early 23rd, included the offices of the Operations Department of the Joint Command (3rd DIEMCFFAA) and the Secretary General of the General Command of the Army, as well as those of the Administrative Command of the Army. In the General Fort of the Rafael Hoyos Rubio Division in Rmac (Lima) the General Staff and Logistics of the II Army Division, while in Piura the headquarters of the I Army Division are the Intendance Battalion N 111.

In addition, the houses of the former army commanders-general, the division generals Ricardo Moncada Novoa (May 18, 2012 to March 13, 2014), Luis Ramos Hume (December 25, 2015 to December 20, 2017) and Jorge Celiz Kuong (1 November 2018 to November 2, 2020).

General Astudillo Salcedo, who was in Madre de Dios on a working visit, responded immediately and told a local radio station that I am not only deeply outraged, but also saddened by the situation in which the public ministry is operating. It is outrageous, and I will make specific reasons for the full weight of the law to fall on this corrupt prosecutor, adding that I have not had a single notification of the investigation against me which he believed the principle was has been hurt. Presumption of innocence. Finally, General Astudillo Salcedo expressed a commandant general who had covered up a robbery. What’s this? A general commander who stole 13,000 soles from God! What does this prosecutor think? and that it is not only a shame on me, on my family, it is a shame on the country that our prosecutors act like this.

According to the public ministry, the trial was ordered due to the existence of a suspected criminal organization called Los Mercenarios, anchored in the Peruvian Army, which has been operating since 2013, and led by high-ranking officers who would systematically take advantage of its condition and position along with various officers Withdrawing fuel from this institution from different dispensers and using the established fuel differently, an illegal activity that would have allowed this organization to amass large sums of money. Because of this, they are being investigated for the alleged crimes of actual and personal concealment and malicious embezzlement. It emerged that a preliminary arrest for 7 days had been requested for those involved, an application that was rejected by Judge Jorge Mayta Palian of the 2nd Investigative Court of Villa Marina II.

In this regard, various specialists consulted by agree that the actions taken by the 1st. Provincial Prosecutor, who specializes in corruption crimes committed by Lima Sur officials, is of concern as he is in breach of due process as at no point during the Preliminary investigation – something that already seems to be common – a notification or manifestation has been made by those involved.

An identical action took place in late January when the headquarters of the Air Force’s Logistics Directorate-General was searched following an anonymous complaint about alleged acts of corruption in the logistic support of the DHC-6-400 Twin Otter and C-27J Spartan. They add that the public ministry should show the same pace in investigating high profile cases such as officials who have been excessively vaccinated against Covid-19 or the Interior Ministry’s takeover of Antonov A-178, which is showing serious signs of irregularity and that it can not be delivered within the agreed period, because, as stated by the director of the Antonov programs, Viktor Kazurov, the prototype of the An-178 is understood after changing all components and equipment of Russian origin – to carry out your first flight at the earliest Be certified by 2022 and by the end of 2023.

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