The Northern Joint Command identifies environmental crimes in the Amazon state Pará

On March 5, the Northern Joint Command, consisting of the Northern Military Command, the Army; the 4th Maritime District of the Brazilian Navy; and from Wing 9 of the Brazilian Air Force, who by overflight at least 19 deforestation points with indications of the recent fires in the region of the indigenous country Trincheira Bacaj and in Pacaj, Par. The action is part of the activities of Operation Green Brazil 2, which is aimed at combating of environmental crimes in the legal Amazon.

The 51st Jungle Infantry Battalion (51st BIS) carried out an aerial reconnaissance of the deforestation points with an HM-1 (Dauphin) helicopter of the 1st Army Aviation Battalion (1st BAvEx), which was verified in reports from the center management and center management were operating protection system. To identify them, overflights were carried out in the municipality of Pacaj and between the municipalities of Anapu and Senador Jos Porfrio, which were divided into phases. The aim of the work was to detect more than 50 deforestation points in an approximate period of time. three days (Javier Bonilla)

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