The new version of Urovesa’s VAMTAC SK Light Truck for special operations –

The Spanish company Urovesa has presented one of its VAMTAC SK Light Trucks configured for passenger transport, which is similar to some vehicles suitable for special operations units. Developed from the ST5, the advanced / raised cabin VAMTAC has been modified with an open design in the cabin and with seats in the middle row in the cargo area, as we saw at the company’s booth at the IDEX show. In addition, the cabin has a reduced structure, a roll cage, a collapsible windshield and frameless doors. The cargo box is made up of foldable sides and a roll-up canvas on top of a tubular structure, a configuration that focuses on simplicity and lightness.

In part, it is a variant-style configuration adapted to the needs of special forces, such as the VAMTAC VMOE (Medium Special Operations Vehicle) used by the Special Operations Command (MOE) of the Spanish Land Army. As the company confirms, it is a variant of passenger transport, but it is undoubtedly a different design.

The light truck is based on VAMTAC

This type of light truck for military applications was presented by Urovesa at the HOMSEC exhibition in 2015 and later in the 2018 edition of the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris. Formerly known as the SK-95, it is based on the VAMTAC ST5, which ensures the same mobility and off-road stability, while the design of its front driver’s cab allows more space for the rear body. Its power plant can produce 188 or 218 hp. Powered by diesel and with a six-speed automatic transmission from the American company Allison. Has permanent traction with 100% differential locks and independent all-wheel suspension

It can be configured for the transport of troops and general cargo and offers space for 3 crew members in a row of seats in the cabin and 14 in the hold. A double cabin offers space for up to 6 people. The civil version was acquired for use as an off-road fire engine in Galicia and the Canary Islands. In the Spanish Army, it was acquired as a fire engine, a task that has been carried out since 2016 and is also rated for towing artillery pieces. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The new VAMTAC SK (Urovesa)

The folding side of the truck is appreciated (UROVESA)

The cockpit of the VAMTAC SK (Ground Force)

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