The new Spanish fast charging system for the A400M-Noticias of the Air Force

The new pallet transfer device from the Spanish company Langa Industrial, a regular supplier to the armed forces, was tested in one of the Airbus Defense & Space A400M transport aircraft of the 31st wing of the Air Force. The evaluation was carried out by the evaluation cell of the Area Zility Headquarters (JMOVA) based in Zaragoza together with the staff of the 31st wing.

This machine was built specifically to run on the A400M, of which Wing 31 already has 9. Specifically, the new pallet transfer device was tested in the most recently received registration TK.23-09 10218 / 23-09, which arrived at the Zaragoza base of San Pablo (Seville) on December 21, at the same time as the Air Force launched the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules dismantled

The key to Langa’s load transfer system is that it has an axle lift system that makes it easier to load and shorten process time without losing horizontality. (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photo: Langa’s cargo transfer system during tests in an A400M from the 31st Wing (photo by the Air Force)

Langa’s load transfer system is fully collapsed. (Photo Army of the Air)

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