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The Portuguese Army has an ambitious program underway which advocates the complete renovation of the light weapons systems of most of its units. They’re getting new devices to which, as we just learned, they’re going to add more. The purchase, which is part of the designated MALE project (Modernizao do Armamento Ligeiro do Exrcito), has allowed the arrival of a batch that, based on the information on the pallets full of weapons, includes some photos that the Portuguese trader provided us with The The winner of the tender seems to be several hundred copies. The selected one is made by the Italian company Benelli and the Portuguese agent who sells them there is the company Sodarca Defense.

According to our information, the selected model was chosen by the NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) agency of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an organism that concerns the cheapest arrival and in some cases at the best price for the military, equipment for the armed forces of the Countries that make it up.

The shotgun used by the Portuguese Army is the Benelli Supernova, which features the Exrcito logo on its barrel. The characteristics of this model, robust, practical and characterized by different capacities in relation to its ergonomic configuration, focus on the power of its 12 caliber shots, generally in the military case, bullets of the bullet type or different types of bullets diameter . This model is made by the combination of steel and polymer, which makes it particularly resistant to low temperatures and the end product is lighter, which has a beneficial effect on those who carry it.

The variant that is delivered to you by the Supernova is characterized by its general finish in a shade of brown, the now in fashion FDE (Flat Dark Earth). Other details of this model, which works by manual operation of the slide and is particularly suitable for hostile environments, are a short barrel that favors movement in confined spaces, a telescopic stock with a pistol grip to better secure it, and an upper rail of various types of repair optical accessories. In general, in Portugal, they tend to opt for the aimpoint points with the red dot.

The weapons that have already been received and are currently being sold through the appropriate logistics channels are intended for the maneuvering units. This is intended to expand the combat ability, as different types of ammunition can be fired with this type of 12 gauge weapon: non-lethal, antidrn, for opening doors, etc. (Octavio Dez Cmara)

Photo: Shotguns have been another weapon used by the Portuguese military for years and we can find them in various units. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Benelli Supernova shotgun already received by the Portuguese Army (Benelli)

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