The new military high command of the Bolivian armed forces has been named

The President of Bolivia, Luis Arce Catacora, presided over the inauguration of the new military high command of the armed forces of the country in the Casa Grande del Pueblo. Random Commander in Chief of the Bolivian Armed Forces, Air Force General Alberto Zabala Saldas and Brigadier General Miguel Ángel Contreras Campero were named the random Chief of Staff of COMANJE.

Brigadier General Genaro Ramos Espinoza takes over as the random commander of the Army, his counterpart in the Bolivian Air Force is Brigadier General Csar Moiss Vallejos Rocha and Rear Admiral Javier Torrico Vega is the random commander of the Bolivian Navy. (Aldo Eyzaguirre, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Bolivia)

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