The new fragmentation ammunition was developed to combat the armored threats of the 21st century

Nexter Munitions High Yield 120 Shard ammunition will be available soon. The new generation of 120 mm tank ammunition. APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) is compatible with all current and future main battle tanks equipped with NATO standard 120mm smooth bore cannons. The interoperability of Shard with the main artillery systems of the tanks Leclerc, Leopard 2, Abrams M1A1 / A2 and C1 Ariete is ensured by the development according to STANAG 4385 and ICD 120.

Under extreme temperature conditions and over long distances, recent test recordings have confirmed the expected performance, which was already made visible during the simulation processes. This round sets a new standard of performance through increased penetration capacity with very high precision. The final structural optimizations will also be completed this year before an industrial qualification phase begins in 2022. Hence, by the end of 2022, Shard will be ready for mass production to begin, effectively deploying all of its technological capabilities to combat the latest 21st century armored threats.

This very high level of performance is achieved through a completely innovative design by the technical teams at Nexter Munitions in Bourges. Shard achieves this level of final ballistic performance thanks to a patented and optimized penetrator. In fact, an elongated rod designed on the basis of a new tungsten alloy and developed using the innovative Plansee tungsten alloy. as well as a fuel cartridge housing developed by Eurenco and a high-performance, low-erosion propellant.

This penetrator is the result of Nexter Munitions’s experience in developing high-performance ammunition, based on working with innovative materials and also by defining new external ballistics. All of this has been done on the historical basis of working for the French Defense Equipment Purchase Agency (DGA) as well as implementing an agile development process. The validation and qualification of innovative technological modules as part of the Shard program is also one of the milestones in the development of high-performance ammunition for future ground combat systems, in particular the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS). (Antonio Ros Pau)

Photo: New SHARD ammunition is scheduled for combat (Nexter ammunition)

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