The new deployable CBN lab the Army received is

In 2019, the Spanish Army decided to invest 1.3 million euros, divided into two annual payments, in a new system to check the presence of aggressive ABCs (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical). The equipment in question, installed in a standardized 20 foot container so that it can be moved by trucks or other more rugged air transport, is an advanced laboratory that is another benefit of the NBC Valencia N1 Defense Regiment.

With its involvement, it is ready to deploy it quickly in the scenario where its presence can be considered relevant, thus helping to identify the substances that may pose a threat. This role can also lead to actions attempting to mitigate the impact of certain disasters.

This new material represents an important step in the recognizability of the Valencia No. 1 Regiment in particular, and the ET in general. Leveraging its operational potential, the company incorporates sophisticated communications equipment to understand the information and data its personnel may know to broadcast in real time. ET public authorities stated that the first chemical module has already been received for the Deployable Laboratory for NBC analysis and that it has been and received as part of the activities to acquire new material and specific equipment for the units of this specialty the steps to start acquiring and integrating the rest of the modules that will allow this advanced equipment to be optimized.

If we take into account what Indra, the company with which the first contract was signed in relation to this system, points out its concept of the mobile laboratory CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear), which can be particularly useful in the event of terrorist attacks, the latest Analysis and identification technology by placing it in 20-foot containers that meet NATO standards and have a protection and ventilation system of the highest category. Inside there are different modules: chemical with systems that include infrared spectrometry or x-ray fluorescence spectrometry; biological with immunological equipment and a PCR / ECL analysis laboratory and nuclear radiological with alpha and gamma spectroscopes, portable radiological detectors or personal dosimeters.

With systems like the one described, ET expands its potential, covers specific needs and acts diligently to renew the capacities that characterize it for the benefit of its tasks and the needs of Spanish society. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: There are plans to install the new ABC laboratory, which the ET is already receiving, in containers to facilitate transport. (Indra)

In one or more trucks, depending on the systems that will eventually be installed, it is possible to move this equipment discretely. (Indra)

This is one of the configurations suggested by Indra in relation to his proposal for a mobile, deployable laboratory. (Indra)

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