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The French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) has placed an order with Thales and Airbus for the new joint tactical signal intelligence system (Signal Intelligence or SIGINT) to improve the ability to monitor critical signals, direction finding and analyze the signals of the French armed forces.

The 10-year contract will provide the three armed forces with a common information system and a number of sensors. This is a very important program (Program Effet Majeur or PEM) at the level of programs like CONTACT or SCORPION according to the French Defense Spending Plan. This SIGINT joint tactical system will provide the French Armed Forces command with an enhanced Electronic Support Measures (ESM) capability.

The SIGINT tactical program enhances the electronic warfare capabilities of frontline units and offers a range of portable or vehicle-mounted assets compatible with the latest communication technologies. The new system for monitoring and locating enemy communications to support tactical maneuvers in the operational area helps to keep the armed forces safe. Equip the electronic support vehicles of the 54th French Signal Regiment (SCORPION program), the front-line warships of the Marine Nationale and the sea patrol aircraft Atlantique 2, and you could use them to protect the air force bases during military operations abroad. The system will be the only one of its kind used in the French armed forces. All three armed forces will use the same logistics infrastructure in order to simplify the training of specialist operators and optimize the support of the life cycle.

Thales will use the experience in the SIGINT field applied in various programs such as COHORTE (the current tactical SIGINT system of the French army), MINREM (Moyen Interarmes Navalis de Renseignement-Närwohner Electro Magntique, the SIGINT system of the French navy) . ARCHANGE (Avion de Renseignement CHArge utile de Nouvelle GEnration, a new generation SIGINT aircraft of the French Air Force) and CLOVIS (Capacit de localization Vocation Interministrielle et Stratgique, an inter-ministerial project for localization of communication). Thales will also apply its communications and security experience.

Airbus brings its experience in strategic electronic intelligence systems (ELINT) such as RAMSES (strategic communication information system for radio and satellite) and PARADOS (sensor for the acquisition of radio signals). These systems are used by the French secret service (Direction du Renseignement Militaire or DRM), the army, the French air and space force and the Marine Nationale. Airbus will also build on its knowledge of security and the integration of complex systems.

In the first phase of the program, the three armed forces will receive an initial operational capability for signal monitoring and then optional tranches to significantly increase the number of deployed units. During the term of the contract, new functions (new data analysis functions for the information system, advanced detection and technical analysis functions, etc.) will be gradually added to bring a range of state-of-the-art electronic equipment to the French armed forces. Generation.

Photo: Thales and Airbus logos.

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