The new cannon from the Belgian and Dutch mine hunter-Noticias

The joint Dutch and Belgian mine hunter program that we discussed recently when selecting Spanish propellers and shafts is back in the news following the announcement of the BAE Systems Bofors 40 Mk4 cannon selection for the twelve ships.

Therefore, as part of the Mine Counter Measures Vessels (MCMV) program, Kership has selected BAE Systems to supply 12 40mm Bofors 40 Mk4 cannons. A can will be distributed for every ship whose delivery begins in 2024 with the arrival of the first ship in the Belgian Navy.

The Bofors 40 Mk4 is the latest development of the famous 40mm Bofors cannon. This benefits from its size and contained weight (2.3 tons) and offers a compact system that allows medium-sized ships to attack against surface, air and even coastal targets thanks to their range of 12.5 kilometers.

It’s a can with easy integration and automation that benefits from the ability to use 3P programmable ammunition that can be used against boats, missiles, and unmanned aircraft, to name a few examples. The dog was selected by Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

It is a canister for remote use with 100 projectiles for immediate use, with which different types of ammunition can be selected, including the above mentioned 3P (Pre-Fragented, Programmable, Proximity-Fused). It has a rate of fire of up to 300 rounds per minute and can fire in Airbust mode with programmable 3P ammunition, which receives information from the fire control center before firing so that the most suitable detonation mode can be selected depending on the target type. . (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The Bofors 40 Mk4 naval cannon (BAE Systems)

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